Collaborative Guides and Partners

Creating a training program can be a daunting task. Crider Associates is an experienced, reliable partner that helps professionals develop custom training that satisfies their business goals. We can steer your project toward the best outcome.

Our Approach

The best training has a clear, attainable purpose.

Training is most effective when it is designed around clear objectives. We can help you define your destination and support you from project start to finish.

There’s a good amount of science behind effective training. We have a time-tested process for training development that involves:

  • Defining the target audience
  • Assessing the learning gap (what they need to know versus what they already know)
  • Defining measureable objectives
  • Developing training materials
  • Delivering training
  • Measuring training effectiveness
  • Revising training as needed

Collaboration is a cornerstone of everything we do, with innovative ideas and solutions to help you achieve higher levels of success.

Broad Experience, Diverse Team

Behind the Crider Associates name is an array of instructional designers, writers, graphic artists, and web developers. Our experience with a broad spectrum of projects gives us a unique perspective for devising solutions to your training needs.

Our Perspective

Fresh thinking is what keeps us in business.

Like any other industry, training has its innovations, its trends, its buzzwords. Our experience gives us a foundation to evaluate new ideas, latitude to explore the latest technology — and a healthy respect for proven solutions.

With Crider Associates, you get:

  • A company that conducts ongoing research into learning and best practices in training.
  • A guide that is committed to staying on top of trends.
  • A partner that continually refines their expertise and products.
  • An advisor to offer wisdom and fresh perspectives.

Training Specialists Since 1989

Our clients know us as instructional design professionals. And that’s just the beginning. For decades, we’ve been a dependable partner and authority on training. Our insights and credentials mean you get the best treatment for your program.

Our History

We’ve done a lot of this stuff.

To say we’ve done it all would be… pretty accurate.

  • Diverse industries: automotive, health care, pharmaceutical, professional development
  • Diverse audiences: sales, service, technical, management, corporate
  • Diverse media: online, print, live events
  • Diverse topics: product training, process training, skills training, culture training

Every training program we’ve done informs your unique solution. We’re savvy to what works in training and why. We know how to craft training that integrates with larger initiatives, ensuring your piece fits into the whole of what your business is doing.