Knowledge Mastery Games

When a new product is released, sales consultants are quick to learn their product information to be ready to sell. But without refreshers, product knowledge naturally declines. Nissan asked us to develop new ways to sharpen a person’s product knowledge.

We developed a series of games to boost knowledge retention and keep sales consultants performing at their best. Familiar game formats and intuitive mechanics make the games easy to play, and leader boards and prizes offer incentives to keep them coming back.

  • A “random wheel” game tests players’ knowledge in a variety of categories and offers the chance to earn bonus points.
  • A “pick 6” type game lets players choose the categories they feel strongest in to earn a high score.
  • A trivia game lets players select questions from different difficulty levels to gain points.
  • A fast-paced Q&A game challenges players to earn the longest streak of most correct answers.