Sales Lead Management

Car buyers who walk through the showroom doors of a Mercedes-Benz dealership rank their treatment among the best in the industry. But Mercedes-Benz saw an opportunity to improve how their dealers responded to online sales leads — to get those online shoppers into their stores.

To address this issue, Mercedes-Benz asked us to develop two e-learning courses on online lead management. The course for sales managers provided insights into processes they could use to improve their sales team’s performance, as well as a survey of the lead management analysis tool Mercedes-Benz offers its dealers. The sales consultant course provided detailed tips on crafting email responses, telephone communication techniques, and other best practices specific to online leads.

Learners were presented a series of modules to choose from, allowing them to learn the material in the manner that suited them best. Interactive elements throughout the courses kept learners engaged and provided bite-sized lessons to enhance retention.