Vehicle Presentation Skills

Vehicle presentations are the core of the automotive sales process. Research indicates that customers expect sales consultants to thoroughly know their vehicles and to describe them accurately. Nissan asked us to develop an instructor-led in-dealership training workshop that would teach and reinforce good vehicle presentation skills.

We developed a unique sales process workshop with three parts:

  1. A discussion of customer expectations and leading practices that meet and exceed those expectations
  2. A review of benefit categories, the 6-position walkaround technique, and the 4-step overcoming objections process
  3. A “Present-opoly” activity/game in which participants model presentation skills.

The Present-opoly game was designed to draw on a sales person’s natural competitive nature and to provide a reward for strong performance. The structure was engaging and effective.

  • The game board was organized into eight color-coded benefit categories — two per side.
  • The value of each square grew as a player moved around the board.
  • When a player landed on a location, they had to model how to present a feature or overcome an objection listed at that location.
  • Successful completion of each task earned the player “Nissan Bucks.”