Nissan TITAN/TITAN XD Launch

Nissan is fighting for a larger share of the full-size truck market. The new TITAN and TITAN XD would provide competitors with stiff competition, but Nissan needed a sales force that could “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” of a full-size truck buyer. And both sales and service personnel needed to get up to speed on diesel engines, an entirely new product for Nissan in the U.S.

To turn sales consults into truck specialists, Nissan asked us to develop an array of materials covering all aspects of their training offerings.

Instructor-Led Training

Nissan offered sales consultants several workshops to explore different facets of their new product.

  • Introducing TITAN XD Diesel: In-dealership training covering product knowledge, diesel technology, selling skills, and truck buyer consulting skills.
  • TITAN XD Gasoline and Delivery: In-dealership workshop exploring differences in gas and diesel engines and focusing on delivery skills.
  • TITAN Driving Experience: An 11-city ride-and-drive event providing a full day of training on product features, technologies, and dynamic capabilities; competitive comparisons; and trailering skills. Participants also experienced man-made off-road and simulated street courses.
  • TITAN and Technology: An in-dealership workshop analyzing competitive advantages, with a street drive to hone sales consultants’ demonstration drive skills.

Nissan also asked us to create a TITAN “Meeting-in-a-Box” training program that individual dealership managers could use during their regular sales meetings.


Nissan’s e-learning strategy involved developing several online training programs to provide a cost-effective way to train new employees on truck basics. E-learning programs include:

  • Unique Diesel Service Requirements: This course gets service advisors up to speed on how servicing a diesel vehicle is different from a gasoline vehicle.
  • Truck Essentials: A course to give sales consultants basic knowledge of hauling and towing systems, capabilities, and vocabulary so they can communicate effectively with truck customers.

Online Publishing

Nissan wanted current TITAN information delivered to dealership sales people fast and efficiently. We wrote and produced a series of articles to help sales consultants understand:

  • What differentiates TITAN XD from other full-size trucks
  • Diesel engine operation
  • Key components of the Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel engine
  • Chassis construction and testing
  • Trailering features and capabilities
  • Exterior and interior design elements and features