Technical Introduction to Lexus

The “Technical Introduction to Lexus” is one of the most important training programs in the Lexus Technical Training Department. Its goal is to “cover everything for everyone, accommodate multiple parties, and make the training efficient and cost-effective.” Yet it still had to communicate with a wide range of participants — from experienced technicians to non-technical personnel.

Lexus asked us to create a training program that covered a wide range of information for all participants, in addition to making it efficient and cost-effective. Our solution was to create a nonlinear, modular PowerPoint structure, supported by print materials. This modular approach allowed trainers to tailor the course to their audience. For example:

  • If the participants are all experienced service technicians, trainers can skip the basic systems and select modules addressing more advanced technical systems.
  • If the training is in a cold climate, trainers might address cold weather issues that aren’t relevant in warmer climates.
  • Trainers could easily add or modify the course as information changed or when vehicles were added to the lineup.