Virtual Academy

Instant communications and mobile online access have become a cornerstone of today’s culture. Students demand it to provide convenience, scheduling flexibility, and interactivity. Trainers like it for all those same reasons, and because it’s cost-effective and easy to update information.

That’s why Nissan asked us to help develop and grow successful training sites for a variety of dealership roles, including sales, service, parts, warranty administration, and management. The result is Nissan Virtual Academy and INFINITI University Online, a large collection of websites that provide timely information and training to all Nissan and INFINITI audiences.

Our duties are three-fold: to produce content, to manage content relationships, and to manage the process.

  • Content: Content is written, reviewed, staged, and then released on cue. Sales consultants receive a daily flow of new articles to ensure the site is fresh.
  • Content Relationships: Knowing what articles on a topic are currently published, what needs updating, and what needs retiring are key to keeping the sites relevant and useful.
  • Process: With the volume of information available, our tasks would quickly become unmanageable without rigorous processes in place to tame them. Our team of dedicated project managers and editors work with Nissan and INFINITI gatekeepers to maintain consistency and accuracy across materials.

The result is that at any given time, something is being written, delivered, reviewed, put in layout, released, and programmed. Dealerships nationwide continually receive fresh, relevant content to help them succeed.