Product Knowledge Certification

The automotive industry brings a near-constant flow of new products for sales consultants to learn about, and certification on those products is an important tool in ensuring a top-notch sales force.

Nissan manufactures a broad range of vehicles, so they needed a certification solution that allowed rapid development and was cost-effective. They also wanted something that would accommodate the needs of both veteran sales consultants who knew the Nissan lineup well, and new hires who were being introduced to products for the first time. We developed a certification template to meet all these needs.

Our solution included repurposing assets Nissan was already developing for other avenues. This simplified review efforts on Nissan’s end and minimized development expenses. The traditional e-learning course covers:

  • A brief overview of the vehicle
  • Changes for the new model year
  • An introduction to primary competitors
  • How to present noteworthy features in the showroom
  • How to demonstrate dynamic qualities
  • How to explain and/or demonstrate key features at delivery

It concludes with an assessment to test what product knowledge the user retained.

Experienced sales consultants who may not need a full e-learning course have the option to test-out in a fun game-style quiz.